Friday, January 2, 2009

Tucson Camp 09

Well, I started my blog, thanks to Nate Wilson. He said we were going to get it up before camp ends. The jrs go home today and it is going to way too quiet around here. Camp was GREAT!! this year. I have been coming to Tucson, AZ to train for the past 9 yrs. I started coaching FT in 03 and subsequently running training camps - bringing people to places I love to train. One of my best accomplishments thus far is that 3 juniors I coach-(ed) are now going to school in Colorado!! I did a camp in Durango, CO 2 yrs ago - and hope that perhaps because of this, I was able to show people/athletes life does exist outside D20.........mountains. Climbing is the best training.

We had incredible weather for the 09 AZ Camp. Perfect. Only small glitch is that Mt Lemmon was closed yesterday - the 28 mile climb was to full capacity (with cars UGH!!) - so we could not do the 4 x 5 mile SE repeats (what I swear by in training for the bike). So we had to come up with a plan - and did the Tangerine Loop. We split into 2 groups. Avery Wilson had some beastly pulls, Andrew Cullinane threw in some mad digs - and we pulled into the water stop and shop only 5' behind the big boys - so I felt a job well done. Nate, Steven Bk, Chris Abbey, and Pierre finished the camp off with 2 repeats up A mtn - NP of about 330 watts. Not bad.

The best ride, I think, was the Madera Canyon day. Big climb - 10 miles of false flat into 3 miles of not false flat with the 3/4 mile about 15% + . Epic. We had a warm day - I made everyone bring wind vests and then had to wear mine down - even though I was hot....we finished the ride off by going up to Duvall Mine Rd, and all the way in on Mission. SBK and Nate were killing it - I was on the rivet for about 20 miles. Great training. I always come back with some legs, bit of form, after training here. Hard for me to hang onto it when I am back in VA - but this year would like to go to Masters Nats and try for a podium. I am sure with Nate keeping me honest - it may happen. Payback is cruel.....

So camp 09 was fabulous - and I am now "fresh" with hi socks rocking and Jeff Anderson will freak when he sees I started a BLOG!! Now I have to figure out how to get a pic in here..... I hae also learned about a great product - Boudreax Butt Paste. I have not been riding as much and for those that don't know Tucson roads - well - they are hard mans roads. I spent many yrs in OZ and the roads over are cruel too. But this creme is amazing. For those that ever have torn up sitbone areas.....

Thanks Nate for keeping me honest.