Thursday, March 26, 2009

Getting pumped for Jeff Cup!!

So it has once again been ages since I last blogged..... thing is - when I work even 6 hrs at the computer screen, I am almost blind - so doing any more work besides the real WORK I do on a computer - no eyes left. And now with power - I am reading files day and nite, weekends to weekdays. HR and power and next I want blood lactate info too. I am trying to upload a video unsuccessfully - the one Tom Kendall gave me of Steven Kendall winning in NC (cat 3 RR) and Brad Kendall/Mike Fawell sprinting it out for the win - also in the NC RR (cat 4) .... where is Mimi when I need her. I thought this would be very inspirational for viewing - to kick off the D20 scene down in Charlottesville. I don't want to put another pic of my dog Dallas coz people start saying weird stuff. Maybe this would get the Char pumped though. I sure hope Char and Dallas get along. Some side notes: I took care of Charlie alot - Evan Fader's dog -tried to kidnap the Char at any given moment. I have wanted a dog forever. (Where my life changed I am not sure - I had been accepted at vet school (animal doctor) and into UVA for full scholarship in chemistry at the same time. I spent my whole life prepping to be a vet, so for some reason choose UVA and chemistry?? Going to school for free was good, for sure. Started in chemistry, wondered into internal medicine, finished with ex physiology. Finally finished 2nd time round in grad school at 34 and the day I defended left for CO - for bike racing. So getting a dog never happened). So, in caring for the Char Bear - I got used to having a dog. When Char was no longer here - I decided I was getting a dog. I was going to change my lifestyle enough - to get a dog. WOW. Cycling/racing a bike - what it does to a life - I think I can write many books on this topic. The hell with it I am putting another pic of my dog. I am a dog lover. Okay so my dog has a big head. So what?? Better to eat poodles with. He has lost a total of 5 lbs!!! in the last 5 weeks. He is on the sleep and zone 2 training build. He does love to sleep. I wanted to bring him to Jeff Cup - but think best leave him home. I don't want him run over by crazy cyclists. Truth is I cannot watch the now 95 lb down from 100 lb beast and be a successful feed zone gumbie at the same time.

This is the first time I will not be racing the Jeff Cup in I don't know how many years. I decided that I do want to race again, but not until I can "race". I have been trying to balance about 10 FT jobs with some consistent training and it hasn't happened in the last 9 yrs. So - if I gonna make time to train - for real - I have to arrange my life somewhat different. I am working on this - hey I got a dog and he is still alive - so things are looking up. :-). For future, I have decided I am spending most all my time in where in started - rider development/coaching/the physiology of training. I am still 100% commited to the team I started - but much more focus on athlete development, promoting the sport, and local racing. I am restructuring almost all of HPC - with the biggest focus being on the coaching element.

So while no Jeff Cup "race" for me, I have a crew of beastly athletes ready to fire. I am excited! Main thing I am telling all my cat 4's is one thing - stay UP-right in that insane field size. The 1,2,3's - well they will be duking it out team wise. The masters riders - it will be interesting to see what shakes out. I have heard alot of talk about/in the masters category. The juniors - well of course I know they gonna kick butt coz they have the best coach! Women - cat 4 field is big as always, and I will be rooting for a few in the women's 1,2,3 race. Go Chris Kelley in the 35+ field! I will not be able to talk post race - though I know many find it annoying to be cheered on. I likely will not be able to be quiet. I have athletes' racing in most every field - how COOL! Good luck, legs and lungs -to my gang.

I love this race - of course I used to train on these roads daily - way back when. Charlottesville is a gorgeous place. I lived there for 15 yrs and it is paradise. I sure did find some amazing roads out in Luray this past week. Lot of climbing - lotta good 4-6 % grades. Good SE work. Even though I am alot slower than yrs past - I love climbing. The challenge.

I am sending Nate and Avery the videos of the Kendalls - maybe theycan get them up on their blog. They my 2 tech guides.