Friday, January 1, 2010

First post of the New 2010 Year

YEAH BIG D!!! This pic is another of Jim Wilson's (thanks Jim!); my digital camera bit it and am bummed out bout this coz I didn't get a camp pic this year. This really upsets me. I never took pics as a kid but now treasure them. Jim Wilson hd alot to do with this. What a handsome lad in this pic....
What a difference a year makes. I would have never fathomed the changes. I am again in Tucson and just completed another very successful JR training camp. I had Avery, Andy Mt, and James Lim in the 15-16 group. DangeRuss comes in today to add to the U23 camp of Nate, SBk, and KevinG. They are now best mates with Tommy D and likely meeting today for a cuppa at Le Buzz.....Real. The cyclists come to Tucson. For the mountain. Camp was great, we had exceptional weather. Only bit cold atop the mtn and nothing compared to what I just looked at Reston, VA weather a high of 30??? all week. UGH.

Last nite we all had dinner together, it was a feast and I didn't know if I had enough ketchup for SBk but we made it chowing we had a toast (I think I had too much sparkling cider...worse headache ever....) and I wanted to hear everyone's goal (s). I wrote them all down when I came to bed. I realized that my goals are now different. I thought about it so much last nite, after saying I wanted to regain form. I want to be healthy BUT I am a coach now and these are my goals. Coaching. I feel the transition from athlete to business-person is very hard. I seem to have always judged myself on how fast I am; but this matters only when one is a "racer". I always want to be an "athlete" in terms of the fact I take care my heart and my health; but this is very separate from being a competitive athlete. So Nate I am changing my goals from what I said last nite; my goal this year - I have 3-4 really; they are 1) produce some outstanding athletes and results, 2) make the business successful 3) spend lot more time with the people that matter, and 4) get back into good "form" again for my health. I will always LOVE racing; it is a big reason I coach for a career. But I have other fish to fry right now. I was a FT competitive athlete for the majority of my life. I want to do other things. I want to become the best coach I can and this is far more important to me than anything (except loving my family and friends and bestest mate). So yes I am renegging on my New Year Eve vow and changing it to the above. I am allowed to change coz I am a woman.....
I love my job. I know how lucky I am in life to have a job I truly treasure. I always followed my heart and many a long ride wondered what the hell I was doing spending 6 hrs on a bike. But it was who I am. This new year has presented me with so many amazing possibilities. I am excited bout all of them. But I promise myself to make more time for the people that count rather than spend more time on my laptop. It seems in coaching there is always more I can do or think of new ways to get an idea across or "send one more email". But I promise Dallas he is getting his long walks everyday. For his heart. I want to get a 2nd dog so much now.... will never be able to go away coz the Wilson's are likely getting their own dog and pretty soon Carolyn will have to quit her job just to manage the dog household.... just when she thought the boys were leaving the nest....But yeah, I have many plans for this New Year. I am so excited just thinking about them laying here in bed typing. Yeah!!! I have so many athletes' on the verge of BIG breakthroughs - keeps me up at nite. Thinking about training plans and options and how long of an effort or power #. It is incredible.
Happy New Year to all. May all reach for their dreams and goals. Thanks Mom for giving me the guts to go after my dreams and thanks Dad for teaching me how to work hard in order to achieve them. Peace.