Thursday, November 5, 2009

Off Season Startup

It is again the off season and Nate got his post in before me dangit. Man I cannot believe my last post was August - NO idea how this happens. Things are happening though!!! We decided to commit to moving "west" of DC out here in Herndon, VA and try making this training center a Go. Rock on (now if only we have mtns but we should gonna create them indoors beware clients.....). I have not exercised in about 2 years or 500 watts as Nate would say. Last training ride I did was with Mike Fawell and this was in June I think. We only have 1100 sq feet you wouldn't think it could be SO hard getting open. But we are trying to do it "right" and create the ultimate training experience vibe. Of course alot of this comes from what I liked as a training area. Good light, lots of fresh air, clean, high ceilings, and the proper training equipment. It is crazy how I was always too poor to train on something as regal as a Computrainer and now I own 18 of them....what the?? Maybe one of these decades I can actually keep my word to Jeff and Kay and Mimi and get my ass with some form. Gonna try yet again for 2010. I am seriously rested - and have actually never taken a real break. I can't say I enjoy it - my body kinda feels out of sync on a daily basis.
We moved house as well and I found all my old training logs. It is true I used to log about 30K/year. I know - insane. But I do believe in volume as all my athletes know. BIG hours in the off season. Even though I no longer racing seriously - I SO miss my big rides and when we are open and rolling, I definitely up for the 5 hr rides up Mt Weather.
So yes, the shop almost ready. I was going to have a "soft" opening tomorrow evening - but decided to wait and be able to do it right. Plus I would likely scare people away coz really I haven't had much downtime and am kinda wired right now. Pierre too - he doesn't know I been makin our coffee in the AM mostly decaf so we don't stress too hard. SO much to do and get done, lotta details. Thanks God I have had the best builder in the world - doing our buildout. Steve Mitchell. He is saving my ass coz I don't know this buildout stuff. I don't have the eye to see things as an architect and he does. This is going to be a work on progress and Rome wasn't built in a day (as someone keeps reminding me). I don't think I ever thought I would own a business. But one thing led to another and here we are. I will have a official shop opening in about 2 weeks. I am into hanging lotta pics and kinda decking it out now. I found the coffee maker Christine Welhburg swears by, the Cuisanart all in one thingy. We still need get comfy station going. Figure out what to use as our water supply. Jenette is coming up to help me get some last minute stuff done and help me design official HPC first time ever clothes so I can one century get Jeff Anderson a LS skinsuit. God knows he has waited long enough. I hope he deosn't quit racing before I get him a LS skinsuit. I have the colors in mind, but Jenette does have the eye. Anytime I am dressed up it is thanks to my friends. This is rare indeed.
Mimi Newcastle is my right hand "everything" woman and Alvin Chang in this list as far as helping me with ANY thing computer. Without Mimi, well, I wouldn't have figured out how to write this blog likely. Thanks MIMI for ALL you do for me and have done from day 1. You ROCK! Now we gotta get you a National Championship. Chris Kelley been there every step as well and I call her, going between crying to joy, the challenges of opening.
So this what I been up to. Classes start this coming Monday @ 11AM. I cannot thank my friends= mostly clients enough for the support and camaraderie in making this happen. There are so many people I have to thank; that have been there every step of the way to see this training center become a reality. That have given me the support I needed to go after my dreams. It feels good. All I can say is now that I have 18 trainers and rollers and core equipment and my firs time ever office with a desk - watch out. You guys/gals gonna be training alright. No excuse now for not being able to do Muscle Tension workouts....... and core. I truly cannot wait to start riding again. I rode with Jen Cheng and Jen 90lber Yip (-ping my legs off) last weekend and about killed me. Pierre said he never thought he would see the day I return from a 60 mile ride and he have to carry by bike up the stairs. Dangit!! I am tired of hurting on every ride I do. How about getting in shape???!! Dah. A training center would help with this...

Ciao for now - I hope not 3 mos again til I can write the next post