Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tucson 2009-2010

I'm once again in Tucson for what we will be another training camp AND some downtime. Pictured above are some good friends - Marc and Kay and Lee who were with me in Tucson 2 or 3 years ago. Lee is fighting for his life right now, with cancer. Marc and Kay are still biking fools; Marc now has his wife Elli turned into a biking fool as well.. My sweetie, top pic, is standing above his hometown of Aspen, where he lived until just last year. The weather is 75 and perfect; why we come to Tucson to train. I have found a sensational house, in Sabino Canyon and a stones throw away from the shops/ grocery store. When I see out on the balcony to enjoy a drink, the mountains are right in front of me. As we left Denver airport, we fly right over Aspen and like Pierre I try to find all the roads I have ridden on, in Colorado. Many. I finally got my bike last nite at midnite, so going for a ride soon. I wanted to check in and say thanks to all my friends and support systems.
I am lucky to be here. I didn't know if would do Tucson this year; as Pierre and I finally opened our training center. It opened 6 weeks ago and seems like this day was yesterday. It has been a whirlwind. I got out here and as usual I am east coast neurotic until about now - 2 days later. Takes me a long time to SLOW down to west coast time. The shop has been extremely rewarding and we, I think I can speak for Pierre as well, are really excited about what we can DO for athetes. We also moved house as well, so the last 4 mos have been great transition. Maybe it is the time of year, but I think maybe it is a new chapter for me; I am very excited about 2010 and the possibilities. My mind is clear and I have a renewed focus and energy for what I want to do. I want to get behind a team again, put on a race in Herndon, make the shop as successful as I can, and make MORE time for my sweetheart. Pierre and I have been through ALOT, together. Life does seem to get better and better; being able to SEE more and understand life more. Learning from others and being able to love more freely.
I have had an incredible year coaching wise. The results were as good as it can get: of course the big ones were Nate and Steven getting podiums at Jr Nationals, Kay Tsui cleaning up once again at Masters Nationals, Jeff Anderson winning the 45+ cyclocross series, my juniors overall kicking ASS all year, Blair learning how to ride crits, the Richmond HPC boys kicking plenty of ass, I know I could go on and on. Jody Bailey racing the S100 under 10 hr; Paul Wilson finally coming up with a win at Turkey Day, Chris McMillan and Kat 2nd in the Quantico 12 hr cranky monkey race. Rob Urbach winning the overall 45+ Triathlon series. The athletes I am working with right now are just as magical as it gets. Many of them are prompt for big years in 2010; which always feels me with great energy and excitement, in seeing their dreams come true. Lot of breakthroughs. Gaining triumph in these sporting events is winning in all frames of life. It is very rewarding.
I have some plans for myself next year as well; I want to regain some race form. Go to Master Nationals. It will take some very careful planning on my part to MAKE time for myself, to focus on the actual training. I have been making plenty of excuses for it not happening, mainly work - but I don't let my athletes get away with this one so why should I? I have to block off time for myself to train. I also really want to make more time for my relationship. Pierre and I work like crazy; but somehow we both must slow it down. Somehow. Not sure yet; but somehow. I know the fact that we moved, opened the shop - this has been hard. But now that we have alot ironed out and are getting into a routine, we need slow down. I think I have almost had an ulcer from stress.... this is ridamndiculous.
So on this note, I am finishing my bike, getting dressed in cycling clothes, and going to visit one of my fav mountains, Mt Lemmon. I told Jeff I will likely be crying coz I not going uphill fast these days..... lotta work to do. But, the hardest month of any training plan is always the first one. I have all kinda lines I tell people so I have to suck it up and get busy with it now. It is almost 72 degree here, so I better not be crying.
Happy Holidays to all, I LOVE Christmas actually and all the lights, and I love the joy. I wish we humans would keep this joy all year. Not let it die out. Special to be able to go ride a bike up Mt Lemmon. That for sure.