Monday, May 18, 2009

Smelly Cup

Howdy All,

I don't like to be negative - bad for biz. But I am not happy and it has been several hrs since I came home from Baltimore. Another one of my riders down, a bike stolen, and glasses stolen right out from someone crashing. Can we please get another race??
I been racing 4 ever. And I know you just race whatever roads are present, whatever riders who show up, weather on the day, I know all about it and then some. But this race is like the Tuckahoo - where it was only a ? of when and how much crap was going to happen. Can we weigh up the ++'s against the ---'s and see which list is bigger? I have fear my DOG will be stolen if I turn my back.

Yes Jen Ras crashed - I have picked up so many riders at this race - after going down. Jen is okay - torn shoulder ligaments, but she was ready for RFK, and CSC, and definitely Philly. I know this IS bike racing - going down. I remember racing this race when it was up in the top section of the Park - with that big hill, and duking it out with Ros Reekie every year. That was fun and that race course seemed safe. Maybe not. But was it changed coz too many weren't fit and so the races only finished with a few?
Yup we can just also shut up and ride off the front like the Aussie did. But what about the rest? The people diving up the sides and then having nowhere to go. Ugh.

I guess this can be my one venting blog. I just know I am not going back to this race ever and riders I coach - will have them do a training day instead. Some races just aren't worth it. I remember few yrs ago I had 2 Colnagos, turned my back and some kid was running off with both bikes. This can happen anywhere. Agreed. But Jen had just crashed, and in about 10 secs someone had run off with her glasses??? Come on? The scene hasn't changed in yrs and find another course.

Whine whine whine. I know. Back with something ++.