Saturday, May 1, 2010

Crit day 4

Pretty much the play by play has been on facebook; Kevin and Russ rode well to maintain their GC spots of 6th and 8th (respect); Nate and Blair rode the pro FAST race and rode fantastic. I never saw either one of them in trouble. For me, it was a great day! Blair has had some rough gos out there and I know, from experience, when you are down in GC it is hard to get yourself UP. You ? many things, why you sacrificing so much sometimes. But you have to get past the low times back to your dreams; and nothing can stop this. Blair finishing this crit means Blair has learned so much, in 3 short days. Huge congratulations to him. I was so very proud. I may write somewhat emotional blogs at times; but guess what - this sport takes alot of emotion. It all comes down to a real human level, and caring for each other. Freaking hard sport.

Pierre got them all ready for tomorrow, we chowed down on my taco nite mexican food ( for some reason I cannot make brown rice in Silver City - blaming it on the altitude - it always ends up sticky rice and this year we DO have a stove, so God knows what I am doing), and now bedtime. Tomorrow long day but inside I am really excited coz I know all the boys have legs. And when you have legs, anything is possible. I don't know how they fked up the crit times today; not that Nate and Blair were up in GC but it still is nice to see same time as Lance after you been on the ground and back, like Nate. But tomorrow the race suits all the KBS boys and maybe something special will happen. I will never stop getting excited for my riders and all th possibilities. You can never give up, coz you never know what can happen when you try. Defines this sport I swear.

Okay, I am beat.

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