Saturday, May 1, 2010

Post TT and Crit day Tour of the Gila Days 3 and 4

Not too much to report today; crits start in about 2 hrs for the cat 2 guys. The pro guys go at 3:15PM. Cold this AM but going to warmup. Calm wind so far; hope it doesn't crank up too much. Out here I just try to take one day at a time. Get through one day and then think about what we have to do for the next. The biggest factor yesterday was the fact that Kevin's bike arrived at the last second and thanks to our teamwork out here amongst the riders, the Browns - we got it built up in time for Kevin to race on. Russ and Kevin both had solid rides to retain their GC spots. I think they can light some fireworks today in the crit. They are 2 of the strongest guys in their field.

The pro race will be full on; Nate and Blair are going to have to fight in this one. If they can make it past the intitial chaos, they will be fine. Hard handling the pre race nerves I remember now. I don't know if it is harder watching (I think so) than actually racing. I am holding my breathe from start > finish. I will update via text to Jim post the cat 2 race and then update via blog the pro race.

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  1. Wow -- you know -- you did awesome! Tough day Thur/Fri, ER drills, made your squad awesome, mighty. Get 'em on the Monster.