Monday, April 11, 2011

Dogs make me happy

I have a million things I should be working on right now but for some reason my head cannot get there. I have to be in coach mode when I write plans and it is here: this GREAT weather, racing, mountain bikes, Nate Wilson, running, 9 hrs of Cranky Monkey May 114th, no Computrainer classes all week????, can I go to the Gila and watch my guys kill it, same for Mt Hood, finding a new place to live - all this is in my head right now. I need a good crash on my mtn bike to get my head straight. We promised each other the first Monday with no CT we would go to Schaeffer to mtn bike and then to Dogfish to have a beer, the first Tuesday go to the movies coz it is cheap date nite. I am running a 1/2 marathon this weekend so I need to do at least 2 runs this month. The big one I think about is I want to train again. I mean really train.

Bakers Dozen was so much FUN. I have great people around me and this is what gives my life such joy and pure happiness. The athletes I coach, riders on the teams I have, people I train in CT class. My family. Pierre whom I love so much. Sponsors who stick by me even when I cannot writeb a proper invoice. Right now, today, I am overwhelmed by how rich my life is, coz of the people in my circle. I was terrified to do the mtn bike laps @ Bakers, coz it was slick and I am not skilled. I told Jeff I would have my head where it needed to be by Saturday race day but I didn't get there. I was freaking scared to death to ride in mud and slick. I got through 3 laps and by the 3rd lap I loved it. It is an incredible feeling to overcome fear of failure. But first you need the guts and courage to TRY. I was producing terribly slow laps but I kept listening to what my team told me to do: GO HAVE FUN. It is extremely difficult for me as a coach, to perform poorly. I know this is stupid but I cannot help it. I have almost quit racing completely coz I am not fast anymore. But that is BS too. I am not fast coz I am not training. I am not making the time. My athletes have always and continue to inspire the hell out of me.

Mountain biking is a completely different animal. All that mud UGH. I am not a fan really. The fat tires, the bikes so weird looking. But once I get over all of this I actually like it. "I don't know what it is but I like it" do you know which movie this is from?? one of my favs of all time. The mtn bikers are incredible athletes too.

I wanted to write this blog to say how impressed I am with athletes. All athletes. They provide me so much inspiration. To try and provide the best coaching possible. But I have gotten to know all my athletes very well, the ones I have been working with for a long time. They are incredible PEOPLE. The team I have this year is truly exceptional. I am proud of HPC. I mean I don't knw what HPC is exactly, it is the biz name of course. But HPC, the people I coach and train with and see in HPC/LIST colors - all my athletes I am so proud of. It is very hard to go after goals coz first you have to have the balls to try. The people/athletes I work with all bring and give this back to me. Time for me to HTFU. I love this line. Really true.

I think Nate is skyping so ciao for now.

That was Nate and he sounds good I think he needs a 40 hr training week with 30 hrs of 120% FTP work and he will be good.

To Avery, Shane, David, my Bakers Dozen mates, Justin, Chris Newport, Tom B., Blair, Jacob, Dawn, Taylor, Andy C, Mike Fawell, Elliot, Mayy Kuhn another mtn biker bad ass, my sister Amy who got 3rd!!! in her running race GO AMY! - these are the people I had racing this past weekend - Way to go. For every athlete that sets goals and goes after them. This has gotten me pumped up enough to get to work. Writing plans. Let the season begin. NO more canceled races. That also really screwed me up in coaching stuff; coz I count on the races.
I cannot wait to go ride my mtn bike. First I need wite a few plans.

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